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Tariffs: Updates & Tools

Today’s regulatory environment for importers and exporters, especially related to tariffs, is extremely fast-moving and not likely to stabilize any time soon. Here’s what we’re telling many of our clients who are asking for guidance in this situation:

  • Keep abreast of the breaking news and know which of your goods are affected by the tariffs.
  • If you have a question, we may be able to help determine the impact on your goods, and if appropriate, file an exemption.
  • Don’t panic, but don’t ignore the possible implications.

To help you stay current on the latest tariff news, we are providing frequent updates on this page and in our emails to clients and friends.

Below please find 1) Tariff Updates we’ve sent recently to our clients and industry colleagues, and 2) Useful Links we’ve identified most recently in the public domain from relevant agencies, authorities, and advisors. Please be sure to check them out…there may be information important to your business! If you would like to receive our free email updates, Register HERE.

Recent Tariff Updates see all updates

Coronavirus Impact on Medical Device Imports

Coronavirus Impact on Medical Device Imports March 17, 2020

In a U.S. and world economy that has essentially come to an abrupt halt due to fears and precautions surrounding the Coronavirus, parts of the global medical device and pharmaceutical sectors are in high gear. For U.S. importers of these materials, complexity and rapid shifts in regulation is increasing. Are you aware of the latest...

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USTR Publishes Additional Exclusions To Section 301 List 3 Products

USTR Publishes Additional Exclusions To Section 301 List 3 Products December 20, 2019

New exclusions from the duties on Chinese imports have been announced by the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), representing a sixth round of exclusions requests from the 25 percent duty assessed under the Section 301 List of goods from China. These product exclusions relate to the imposed additional duties announced in 83 FR 47974 on Chinese...

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