More than any other import category, perishable fresh or frozen food MUST get through the customs import process to your customer before it spoils. WB Skinner has extensive experience working with the FDA and USDA and helps you to stay abreast of new and emerging restrictions or requirements impacting the importation of fresh, frozen, dried and packaged foods.

Trust WB Skinner to expedite your perishable imports—fruits, vegetables, fresh fish—through JFK and Newark International Airports, and get it to market quickly.

Prior notice requirements, part of The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, have changed the process of importing foods into the United States.  Increasingly stringent requirements and controls regarding food sources, additives, coloring, labeling and manufacturing compliance can slow or stop the import process for an unprepared importer.

One area that is commonly a problem for food imports is the lack of correct manufacturer information about a product. FDA is very concerned about canned products and products that are likely to cause botulism. To control the importation of high-risk products, the FDA requires prior approval. The manufacturers have to get FDA approval for each product it sends to the US. Upon importation, we will be asking you for the FCE and SID numbers. The FCE is the Federal Canning Establishment number that FDA issues for the manufacturing plant in the country of origin. The SID is the Schedule Identifier that is particular to the specific product being imported. It is crucial for this information to be conveyed to us at the time of entry.

Most manufacturers are aware of these rules and include the information on the commercial invoice. If the foodstuffs are purchased through a third party, you must still get the manufacturing information.

Yes, it’s complicated!

If all of this seems very complicated, it’s because it can be!  That’s why we’re here to do the heavy lifting for you, helping you proactively understand requirements and compliance issues BEFORE they become a costly headache and delay.

Remember, at WB Skinner we’re FDA and DOA (Dept of Agriculture) imports experts.