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Informal Entry Processing

What is Informal Entry Processing

Most shipments with a value of $2500 or less can be cleared as an Informal Entry.  The minimum value was increased from $2000 to $2500 as of January 7, 2013. This means that the Merchandise Processing fee will be $2.00 instead of the $25 minimum for formal entries.  Informal Entry Processing can be used for both commercial and personal importations. Informal Entries may not be used for commercial importations of goods subject to quota or anti-dumping.

Advantages of Informal Entry Processing

Unlike other entries, Informal Entries do not require a posting of a Customs Bond.  Also, the importer saves the cost of filing a bond with the entry, as informal entries do not require it. For items subject to Quota, the minimum value for informal entries is $250.  Once the carrier bringing to the country has notified you of their arrival, you should go to the entry branch of that port’s Customs house and inform the staff that you have an informal entry for processing and transport.

If you have any questions or think you may be eligible for Informal Entry Processing, call us today at 201-644-7214. We can help you determine if your shipment applies to Informal Entry Processing.