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Quota Entry Processing

Whether you’re a seasoned or first time importer, when moving goods into the country, you are subject to import quotas and must therefore go through quota entry processing.  Import quotas control the volume of a specific good you can bring into the United States in any given period of time.  Import quotas are determined by Presidential proclamation and are therefore subject to change with every new incoming administration.  Because of the constant change, it is recommended that an experienced custom broker be used who is familiar with all the latest changes in required logistics and paperwork.

Types of Import Quotas

There are currently three categories of quotas for goods:

  • Absolute
  • Tariff-rate
  • Tariff preference level


Tariff Rate Quotas permit a specified quantity of imported merchandise to be entered at a reduced rate of duty during the quota period. However, once the tariff-rate quota limit is reached, goods may still be entered but at a higher rate of duty.

Tariff Preference Level

Tariff Preference Levels are generally set by Free Trade Agreements which set tariffs at a rate for specific goods.

Why WB Skinner

With over forty-five years of experience, WB Skinner brings the best in customer service along with a vast knowledge of Quota Entry Processing.  We ensure that you won’t miss opportunity windows for Import Quota Processing.  We can help you ensure that your paperwork is in order, and that you get your entry in on time.  We have the best trained staff that can take you through the process the entire way.

Wondering if your goods are subject to quota? Learn more at CBP.gov. Or you can give us a call to discuss at 201-644-7214