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Customs Brokerage

WB Skinner is a leading, licensed U.S. Customs Broker serving NY/NJ and East Coast air and sea ports from our New York Metro headquarters and Savannah Southeast Regional Office. When you work with Skinner, you never have to worry about communicating with a junior staffer just learning the ropes. You always work directly with a licensed Customs Broker capable of doing more than just getting the paperwork done. We help provide you insights on new and emerging regulations, especially complex and ever-changing FDA regulations, help you prepare even before your shipment is enroute, and identify and manage potential roadblocks to your success.

Whether you are a first time or one-time importer, or a high volume commercial importer, WB Skinner has the resources, team and hands-on experience necessary to expedite your customs clearance quickly and painlessly.

While we’re happy to help you with any specific current or future import transaction or general customs guidance, we’re particularly interested in building longer term relationships, partnering with you to help improve your process, minimize costs, and prevent delays.

As a trusted, long-term partner, we can also help you to:

  • Understand possible risks associated with importing your specific goods,
  • Manage your compliance exposure,  and
  • Refine your Customs compliance process to ensure that reasonable care is being demonstrated.

We’re proud to have earned the trust of hundreds of customers over the past 46 years, and work tirelessly to re-earn that trust everyday. We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss your business and import requirements with you.