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ACE Secure Data Portal

The information below is from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website

The ACE Secure Data Portal is a web-based application providing a single, centralized on-line access point to the ACE system and connects CBP, the trade community and government agencies involved in importing goods into the United States. The ACE portal gives users access to view their account information as it exists in CBP and to their transactional data, which they can use to identify and evaluate compliance issues and monitor daily operations. The ACE portal also allows users to access the reports tool, which can be used to compile data and perform national trend analysis. Users can also file electronic truck manifests and view Periodic Monthly Statements via the ACE portal.

How do I sign up for an ACE Portal Account?

To access the ACE Secure Data Portal, please complete, electronically sign and return the ACE portal application on the CBP web site. To check on the status of an application already submitted, please send an e-mail to ACE.Support@cbp.dhs.gov or contact Technology Support at 866.530.4172.

What are the benefits of an ACE Portal Account?

  • Receive, respond to, and monitor CBP Forms 28, 29, and 4647
  • Create blanket declarations for entry summary processing and nationwide view
  • Access AD/CVD case management and message Information database
  • Access Importer Security Filing (ISF) and progress reports
  • Create entry number banks for border line release
  • Ability to store employee, driver, conveyance, and equipment record information

What are the benefits of using Reports accessible from the ACE Portal?

  • Near Real-Time Access to Data
  • Proactively monitor trade compliance and identify discrepancies
  • Monitor periodic monthly statements as they are being built
  • Monitor carrier activity by driver, conveyance or equipment
  • Monitor rail and sea in-bond movements, bills of lading, manifest, and equipment data

For more information, visit the CBP website or contact us here at WB Skinner Customs Broker.