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2024 1st Quarterly Newsletter: WB Skinner Opens Charlotte Office!


WB Skinner is in Charlotte, NC!

We’re thrilled to share that here at WB Skinner Inc., we’ve just opened our latest office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This move is a significant milestone in our mission to expand our logistics and supply chain management services across the Southeastern United States.

Our new Charlotte office is set to become a crucial hub, allowing us to enhance our service offerings and deepen our relationships with both current and future clients. We’re excited about the opportunity to bring our renowned suite of logistics solutions closer to businesses in this vibrant area.

Our commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service is at the forefront of this expansion, reflecting our dedication to contributing to the growth and prosperity of the local business community.

As we conclude the first quarter of 2024, WB Skinner Inc is pleased to present a comprehensive update on the global logistics landscape, highlighting significant industry developments, our strategic responses to evolving trade dynamics, and noteworthy achievements within the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA).

Global Logistics and Trade Dynamics

The start of 2024 has been marked by continuous adaptation and resilience in the face of ongoing supply chain disruptions, fluctuating fuel prices, and geopolitical tensions. Notably, the logistics sector has seen a significant shift towards more sustainable and efficient practices. Innovations in digital platforms for freight booking and tracking have enhanced operational transparency and efficiency, while trade agreements and regulations continue to play a pivotal role in shaping global logistics routes and strategies.

Ocean and Air Freight Insights

In ocean freight, we observed mixed trends with port congestions varying across regions and shipping rates stabilizing amidst capacity constraints. Air freight faced capacity challenges, particularly due to reduced belly cargo space, but the industry’s response with fleet expansions and alternative logistics hubs is commendable.

NCBFAA Updates

A significant highlight of this quarter is the long-awaited passage of the Customs Business Fairness Act, a testament to the relentless advocacy efforts of the NCBFAA, which is now codified into law. This legislative victory underscores the importance of fair business practices within the customs and freight forwarding sectors.

Moreover, the NCBFAA President’s participation in the City of Laredo’s Capitol Hill Fly-in alongside a delegation of business leaders emphasized the critical needs of the trade community, marking a significant step towards addressing industry-wide challenges.

The association also welcomed new members, reflecting its growing influence and commitment to representing the interests of customs brokers and freight forwarders nationwide.

Looking Ahead

As we advance into the next quarter, WB Skinner Inc remains dedicated to navigating the complexities of global logistics. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and industry insights to provide you with reliable and efficient logistics solutions.

We appreciate your continued trust in our services and look forward to a successful partnership as we tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.