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China’s COVID Lockdowns Further Disrupt Global Supply Chains

A surge in Omicron variant infections has prompted Chinese authorities to lock down residents, close factories and stop truck traffic, snarling already frayed supply chains. As officials scramble to contain the country’s worst outbreak of Covid-19 since early 2020, they are imposing lockdowns and restrictions that are adding chaos to global supply chains.

The measures in China, home to about one-third of global manufacturing, are disrupting the production of finished goods. Trucks are being delayed by the testing of drivers. Container rates are rising as ships wait for many hours at ports and products are piling up in warehouses.

Please feel free to review the below graphic for Chinese Province updates.

Unprecedented challenges are all-encompassing, affecting ports, carriers, railroads, and trucking throughout the United States. As the front-line representative of your supply chain, please be assured that we will do our very best to help your business successfully navigate through this difficult period.
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