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EPA Makes Customs Entry Filing for Pesticide Imports Faster and Easier Through New E-filing Program

The EPA recently launched a program that allows for the electronic filing of entries for importing pesticides products and ingredients into the U.S., greatly streamlining the entry process. WB Skinner quickly joined as a participant and is now approved to file entries live. As a company firmly committed to cutting edge technology for the benefit of our customers, we are encouraging all importers of these products to be aware of and fully adopt this process.
“The electronic filing procedure for this product category enables us to eliminate the lengthy paper-driven process of completing and shipping documents,” said Julie Hartenfels, Skinner Vice President of Compliance. “In the past, our clients importing pesticides had to wait as long as two weeks for release; filing electronically allows us to complete the process live and instantaneously.”

The e-submission of entries for pesticide products is the latest in a series of programs filed in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). WB Skinner has been working with government agencies for many years to test and implement new systems through ACE, and already files more than 95% percent of customers’ entries electronically. The EPA approval for Skinner to file live entries for pesticides is just one of the programs the firm is participating in to test the various new facets of ACE as they are made available.

“A big part of our ongoing mission is to take full advantage of the emerging technologies that make the filing process easier, faster and less stressful for our clients,” Ms. Hartenfels said.

On December 31, 2016, after many delays, ACE became the primary system for the trade community to report imports and exports, and the government to determine admissibility. The objective is to streamline and automate manual processes, eliminate paper, and allow the international trade community to more easily and efficiently comply with U.S. laws and regulations.

New e-filing programs are expected to be rolled out in other restrictive programs as ozone depletion materials, some Fish & Wildlife categories, and others.
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