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FDA Issues Final FSMA Rule on Food Safety

The FDA yesterday (April 5) released a Final Rule setting new sanitation-related standards for food haulers and others in the supply chain, including shippers, who deal in the transportation of food products. The earliest compliance date for larger shippers is one year after publication in the Federal Register. Shippers, receivers, or carriers in food transportation with less than $500,000 in annual revenues are exempt from the rule.

Key requirements for shippers include that carriers ensure refrigerated trailers are pre-cooled, that they provide proof they’ve maintained the appropriate temperatures, and they develop procedures that specify their practices for cleaning, sanitizing and inspecting their equipment.

According to the FDA, this rule is one of seven proposed since January 2013 to create a modern, risk-based framework for food safety. The requirements do not apply to transportation by ship or air because of limitations in the law, but importers need to be aware of the regulations for motor or rail carriers.

“As the rules governing food safety grow more complex, we urge our customers to be aware of the impact they may have on their businesses,” said Bill Skinner, President of WB Skinner. “We are always ready to serve our customers’ needs in handling these kinds of government changes to the supply chain,” he said.

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