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Marine Cargo Insurance: Still Need Convincing?

Still Need Convincing About the Value of Marine Cargo Insurance?

Our recent news story regarding Marine Cargo Insurance, and the fire aboard the Yantian Express, generated a lot of interest and questions.

When we quickly checked, we were surprised to learn that the vessel’s damaged cargo will continue to be unloaded in Freeport for the next 5 weeks, and an offload port for the undamaged cargo has not yet even been identified. (read more)

It’s surprising that three significant cargo ship incidents have been in the news in the past few months alone.

  • Grimaldi cargo ship Grande America sank off the coast of France on March 12, 2019 following a fire, taking with it some 2,000 cars.
  • Fire erupted in engine room of cargo ship HALA B, anchored at Chioggia, Italy, on Feb 26, 2019.
  • General cargo ship SL STAR capsized and sank along berth at Rajaee Port, Bandar Abbas, Iran, morning of Mar 19, 2019.

This all just reminds us of the value of always protecting your shipment with highly affordable Marine Cargo Insurance.

If you still need convincing, please give us a call at WB Skinner.