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One Hot Summer for Importers

Record heat across North America and much of the northern hemisphere isn’t the only thing heating up this summer for importers. Record volumes, the challenge of empty container returns, and a marked shift in cargo from West Coast to East Coast is making many in our industry sweat.
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US import container volumes grew by 5.9% in June, year on year, defying weaker consumer demand trends.


Required appointments at two marine terminals are adding another layer of frustration for truckers at the Port of New York and New Jersey. Port of New York and New Jersey drayage carriers say their ability to operate is being hamstrung by the need to find scarce appointments at marine terminals for returning empties.


Imports to the top East/Gulf Coast ports rose 9.7% y/y in June, driven by double-digit surges in New York/New Jersey, Houston and Savannah. This month looks like it will be the best or second-best July.


Yahoo Finance’s Dani Romero joins the Live show to discuss California’s ‘gig economy’ law, labor disputes, supply chain woes, and the outlook for imports.


The Port of New York New Jersey looks poised to overtake the Port of Los Angeles as the busiest container port in the US – in fact it may already be in top spot.


Shippers have started sending more freight to ports on the East Coast while the other side of the country navigates supply chain woes.


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